Stupid design

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Stupid design

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Well, today I had a few unkind thoughts about British Engineers, at least those who designed the special export features. It all began with a simple inquiry into the compression pressures in my Morris Oxford. Easy enough - pull the spark plugs, attach the gauge, crank the engine, repeat. Write down the results. Do it all again with a little oil to seal the rings. No surprises there, compression quite even at 100 to 120 dry, 120 - 125 wet. Now, while the plugs are in your hands have a good look. Black and sooty, the lot! Mixture must be set too rich, wondered why it would start so easily with no choke. Decided to have a look and that's where the trouble began.

The export oil-bath air cleaner is an impressive sight, heavy too eh? But it is well supported on a cast aluminum plenum bolted to the carburetor and held also on a post that is attached to the intake manifold. But - the bolts holding it to the carburetor cannot be removed individually! Each can be extracted about a third of its length before the head hits the carburetor, then the other has to be unscrewed by the same amount. Further they cannot be reached by your fingers and a wrench must be turned over 6 times to achieve one revolution. Reassembly is even more frustrating because the plenum must now be held in one hand while the other attempts to start a bolt.

How did they ever assemble these cars?
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