Changing to Redline MT90 fully synthetic

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Changing to Redline MT90 fully synthetic

Postby Pete Bags » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:46 am

I am thinking of switching my 1963 1098 ribbed gearbox oil from mineral to fully synthetic. I have been very happy after switching my engine oil to fully synthetic Millers 20-50 (see the Engine section for my write up), so before switching the gearbox oil, I'd like to ask if anyone else has put in Redline MT90 75W-90 GL4, and what their experience has been. My gearbox has been fairly recently overhauled, new bearings etc, and is currently leak free. My biggest reason for wishing to switch is to make use of the superior protection of the oil sticking to the gears when the car is standing for extended periods over the winter months, due to the smaller oil molecules that synthetic oil has.

Many thanks!
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