Supercharger & Spinny Clutch

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Supercharger & Spinny Clutch

Postby TheActualLisk » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:06 pm

Hallo folks. Looking for some advice concerning beefier clutch options.

To sate curiosity ahead of the curve, I've got an Ital 1275 @ +60 over, with a ported head/metro-sized valves, 1.3:1 Cooper rockers, SW5-07 cam, LC pistons, decomp plate (ca. 8.2:1 CR) and a recently-added Eaton M45 off a BMW Cooper S on some homemade piping, breathing in through an HIF44 and out through one of Maniflow's larger LCB/straight through twin-box pipes. Ignition via an Aldon Amethyst. Standard crank/rods. Standard 1098 flywheel redrilled for 6-bolt, standard good-quality clutch, standard gearbox, 3.9:1 diff, meeting the road through a set of 14" Minilights on 185/60 tyres, and a JLH Ford disc kit up front to make it stop again. No servo because I need to get my exercise somewhere.

Anyway, onto the actual issue: Since throwing the blower on, without yet having it dyno'd and with cautious ignition advance, the wee sod spins the clutch when I show it some throttle in 3rd and 4th. I've whipped the engine out again and had a look at the clutch, and there's the obvious marks under the spring-arm-thingummies from where it's spun, but otherwise it's in relatively good health. Flywheel seems alright to my untrained eye.

I've been advised by a speed-loon of my acquaintance to shell out £330+ on a Stage 2 Clutch Kit, but the budget is tight, and I'm open to any ideas at all.


Edit: Apologies if in wrong forum section. It's a while since I've lurked round these parts.
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Re: Supercharger & Spinny Clutch

Postby MM » Wed May 08, 2019 9:32 am

Sounds like an interesting spec, giving by the sounds of it, impressive torque! I'm presuming you're using a standard 1098cc Minor clutch? You may be better off swapping to the stronger diaphragm type clutch as used on 1275cc MG Midgets/Sprites. Note, however, they are quite a bit stiffer to operate than a Minor clutch, so you'll need to either modify the linkages or fit a hydraulic clutch actuator kit, to make it more acceptable for shuffling along in heavy traffic.
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