Partial front frame leg replacement

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Partial front frame leg replacement

Postby posti » Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:57 pm

After months of finding other car projects to work on, I finally tackled the dreaded job of taking the right front suspension apart enough to cut in a new front frame leg. OK, as it turned out the job took very little time and I should have done it ages ago. Now I have to decide how much of the frame leg to replace. Except for the completely rotted section around the eyebolt (I actually pulled it through with the bolt still attached), the frame leg is very solid. It seems to me that I would have a more solid repair if I cut in behind the tie rod mount (leaving the factory mount in place) and then replace back to where the repair section is pre-set with the reinforcement box. Is there any reason that the entire frame leg needs to be replaced up to the front? Thanks!
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here we would have to replace the full repair panel, for our annual mot inspection as welded joints are not allowed within certain distances of structure points,

but as you dont have this issue replace what suits you best,

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Re: Partial front frame leg replacement

Postby emjay » Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:31 pm

The corrosion initiates and concentrates within the double metal re-enforcement and replacement can be limited to just that area as long as one does not wait too long to repair it. Of course local laws take precedent.
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