Your User Control Panel Explained

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Your User Control Panel Explained

Postby MickEssex » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:24 pm

Your 'User Control Panel' Explained

'User Control Panel' is hereafter referred to as 'UCP'

Your UCP is where you can change settings related to your MMO account and the forum. You also send, receive and manage your 'Private Messages' (PM's) from here.

Once you have logged into the forum. Click the 'UCP' link in the top navigation bar which is just below our logo at the top of the page.


You will notice that you have tabs for each type of function or feature. At the time of writing this there are 6 tabs, all with their own settings when clicked. I will now explain what each tab is for and how to modify the settings. More tabs may be added in the future as we add more features and functions to the website and forum.


Main Tab


The Tabs


[Front Page]
When you enter your UCP by default, you will be in the 'Overview' tab. Below the tabs on the left-hand side you will see sub-tabs for various settings, again by default you will be in the 'Front Page' sub-tab. On the right hand side will be 'Important Announcements', if a post is made on the forum and is marked by The MMO Team as an 'Important Announcement' it will be listed here.


[Manage subscriptions]
Here you will find a list of topics that you have subscribed to (watched). You can use the check box to the extreme right of the topic listing and use the drop down box at the bottom of the list to remove the topic, if you no longer wish to be notified of any new posts in the topic.You can click the topic to be taken directly to it on the forum.


[Manage Bookmarks]
Here you will see a list of topics that you have bookmarked for future reference, again as with subscriptions, you can delete individual or or all bookmarks from here. Bookmarks are different to Subscription in the fact that you are not notified of any new posts, and is just a list of interesting topics for quick access.


[Manage Drafts]
You will find here all the messages that you have saved as a draft. You can select one from the list edit it if necessary then post it to the forum. Drafts are useful if you want to compose a post sometime before you need to post it. Again as with Subscriptions and Bookmarks, you can delete individual or all drafts from the list.


[Manage attachments]
You will find here a list of photo/file attachments that you have added to forum posts. You are not able to delete these, but if you want them removed you must contact a member of the MMO Team with a link and the reason why you would like it removed. Once a Photo/file has been deleted, it will no longer show on any posts it was added to. There are no guarantees that the MMO Team will agree to remove a photo (please refer to out T&C's regarding posted photos). Below the sub-tabs, you will see a list of your friends and foes if you have added them. These will be explained later on in this walk-through.



[Edit Profile]


  • Website
    Here you can add/edit your personal which will be publicly visible in your profile. You can add a link to a personal or favourite website or blog.
  • Location
    Your location, please do not include your full address.
  • Country and Provincial flags
    You can select either or both of these from the drop-down list. If your flag/s are not available, contact The MMO Team with your preference, and we will endeavour to add it for you.
  • Occupation
    Enter your current job title.
  • Interests
    List your interests, it doesn't have to be just Morris Minors.
  • Birthday
    Please only add this if you have no objection to your age being shown publicly on your birthday at the bottom of the forum home page.

[Edit signature]


You can add text links or images here using BBCode, which will be displayed under every post or PM if enabled elsewhere.

[Edit avatar]


You can set your avatar here, you have three different option.
  • Upload from your machine
    Upload your avatar pic directly from your PC/Mac/taplet or phone.
  • Upload from a URL
    Enter the URL of the location containing the image. The image will be copied to this site.
  • Link off-site
    Enter the URL of the location containing the avatar image you wish to link to.
    The avatar picture needs to have minimum dimensions of 30px x 30px and maximum dimensions of 130px x 130px, and a maximum file size of 64000 bytes. Please ensure the dimension boxes are empty before clicking submit, unless you know the exact dimensions of your image, or your avatar pic may get distorted.

[Edit account settings]


You can add text links or images here using BBCode, which will be displayed under every post or PM if enabled elsewhere.

  • Username
    Your username cannot be changed. If you wish to have your username changed, you will need to contact a member of The MMO Team, with a valid reason for the change.
  • E-mail address
    Displays your current email address. You can change your email address at any time by changing this field and confirming your new address in the field below. and then entering your current password. You will be sent a re-activation email to confirm your new email address, without it you will not be able to log in.
  • New password
    You can change your password at anytime. Please remember your new password or you will not be able to log in. You will need to enter your current password before clicking submit.

Board Preferences


[Edit global settings]

  • Users can contact me by e-mail
    By default this is set to 'no' If you wish a link to be displayed on your profile so members can email you directly, then set this to 'Yes'. N.B. The MMO Team take no responsibility for any emails you receive if you have enabled this.
  • Administrators can e-mail me information
    This is set to 'yes' by default, if you wish to not receive important information or the very rare mass mail from The MMO Team, then set this to 'no'.
  • Allow users to send you private messages
    By default this is sent to 'Yes', if you do not wish to allow other registered Members to send you PMs, then set this to 'No'. N.B. Members of The MMO Team including Administrators and Moderators, can always send you PMs regardless of this setting.
  • Hide my online status
    This is set to 'No' by default, if you do not want Members to see if you are online or not, then set this to 'No'. N.B. this setting may not take effect until your next board visit. If you only wish to hide your online status for one visit, you can check the box on the log-in page.
  • Notify me on new private messages
    Set to 'Yes' by default. If you do not wish to receive notifications by email on receiving a PM, then set this to 'No'.
  • Pop up window on new private message
    By default this is set to 'No'. If you wish to get an instant popup notification of a PM while you re on the board, set this to 'Yes'. N.B. You must ensure that is added to your browser/popup blocker allowed list otherwise, the popup will be blocked.
  • My timezone
    Select the correct time zone for your country/state, or post times will be displayed wrong.
  • Summer Time/DST is in effect
    Select 'Yes' or 'No' depending on your location/time of year. Or the time displayed will be wrong. (We are working on a solution that will set this automatically)
  • My date format
    Select from the drop-down box, the format you would like the date/time displayed in.

[Edit posting defaults]


  • Enable BBCode by default
  • Enable smilies by default
  • Attach my signature by default
  • Notify me upon replies by default
These are all set to 'Yes' by default and can be changed to 'No' if required. N.B.If you set BBCode to 'No', then no photos or links using bbcode will be displayed.

[Edit display options]


  • Display images within posts
  • Display Flash animations
  • Display smilies as images
  • Display signatures
  • Display avatars
  • Enable word censoring
  • Hide or show swear words included in the
  • swearword filter
All options are set to 'Yes' by default, and can be set to 'No' if you wish. These options are board wide from all members not just your own.
The other options are for sorting the 'default' display order of posts and topics.

[Private Messages]


This will be explained separately in 'Private Messages Explained' (when it is Written).

Friends & Foes


Friends and Foes are a means of highlighting certain areas of the board where content is added by your friends, It is also a way of controlling who has access to your personal album in the Gallery etc. N.B. nobody else but you can see who you have added to either of these lists, it is completely private.

[Manage friends]
Here you can add or delete friends from the list.


[Manage foes]
Here you can add or delete foes from the list.




[Personal settings]


  • Subscribe own images by default
    Be notified of any added comments to photos that you have uploaded.
  • Subscribe commented images by default
    Be notified of comments added to photos you have commented on.
  • Subscribe favourite images by default
    Be notified of any changes to photos you have subscribed to.
  • View Exif-Data by default
    display the technical properties embedded in the photo by the camera. If set to 'No' you can still click the box on an individual photo to display it.
  • Allow users to comment your images
    Allow others to comment on your uploaded photos.
You can use the reset button to change all settings to default values.

[Manage personal albums]
By default you have a personal album you just need to enable it, if you upload any photos, this is where they are displayed. You can create multiple sub-albums to better organise your photos. Just click the 'Create personal album, button, to enable your Person Album.


Once you have enabled your personal album , you can then create your Sub-album/s, click Create sub-album button.


Give the album a name, select who can view the sub-album and any images you upload to it and then add a description if you want to.


[Manage subscriptions]
You will find here a list of albums and photos that you are watching, click the link to visit the photo or album, or check the tick box and select the action from the box to stop watching the photo/album.


[Manage favourites]
Here is a list of photos that you have added to your favourites list. click them to visit the page or mark the tick box and select the action in the drop-down box at the bottom of the page to remove them from your favourites.



That is it, We may add more tabs and sub-tabs in the future when we add features to the forum. If you have any problems using the UCP then please contact a member of The MMO Team where we will be pleased to help you.
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