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Posting Photos to the MMO Forum

Postby Big Al » Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:53 am

Posting Photos

Pateley Bridge 2013

First of all explore the above photo. Try clicking on it, it will get bigger. You'll notice in the bottom right hand corner a 4 way arrow sign. Click on that too. Now you'll see the image as it was taken, full size! Clicking on the image again will reduce it.

Neat? :D

Here's our guide to posting your own photos. Don't forget to click on the images to see them bigger!

TIP: For the best result your image should be kept to 2000px x 2000px max and a jpeg file. Most operating systems provide a free photo editor programme. When changing photo files it is advised you only work on a copy. That way you will not loose anything if you press the wrong button!

Step one

Once you have opened a New Topic or below the Post a Reply box you will see the following tabs: Opions | Upload attachments


Click on the Upload attachments


Click on Browse to find your image/photo. Once you have found the photo click on it and Open. Now Add File

It will now be an attached file:


If you post now it will be shown as an attachment, inside a white box:


To post the photo as part of your text you'll need to first make sure the curser is in the right part of your post then click Place inline under the image listed in the Posted Attachments list under the reply box. Your photo should look like this:


Please note: If you click Place inline without locating the curser where you want the image to be it will default to the start of your post. It is also advisable to compose your post, adding the photos when they are needed, remembering to check where the curser is before placing them inline.

TIP: If you are writing a long post with many images I'd advise you to check 'Preview' before posting. Also copy your post before submitting. Sometimes taking a long time to post can cause the forum to log you out and you'll need to start all again. If you have copied the text first you can simply paste and post.

If there are any problems please ask them here.
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