1964 Traveller woodie 'california style' conversion

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1964 Traveller woodie 'california style' conversion

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Hi everyone,

I've just bought a 64 Traveller in good but not perfect condition that I'm going to restore. I'm looking at doing a 'woodie' conversion, so the rear infill panels (aluminium) and the panels in the door would be replaced with wood so the whole back end looks wooden. I'm new to travellers so I'm going to need some help with this.

1) If anyone's ever done a woodie conversion, do you remove the aluminium infill panels and replace them with wood or just cover the aluminium panels with wood?

2) The aluminium panels have a slight curve in them as they lift at the bottom a bit to meet the wheel arch. How do you replicate this with a wooden panel?

3) If you remove the aluminium panels... how do you get to them? I'm assuming roof off then the whole rear end off, but I'm not sure how the panels are fixed to the wooden frame? Are they clamped between two parts of the wooden frame, glued in, screwed in? Are they welded to the main body at all?

Any instructions/advice on how I might achieve this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance


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Re: 1964 Traveller woodie 'california style' conversion

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I replied to one of the other posts.


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