Morris Minor Traveller - Mazda MX5 Miata Conversion

Larger 4 cylinder engines, body mods, major brake and handling modifications.
Hi Everyone,

I'm just getting ready to do a Morris Minor Traveller conversion with Mazda MX5 Miata running gear. I've been going through some old posts from the 2011-14 era and have found information on a couple of routes to achieve this. Texas Mongrel did a beautiful build where he stripped all of the MX5 running gear and added it to a chassis he designed and fabricated from 2" x 2" box tube.

A couple of other builders went the route of cutting as little as possible away from the MX5 unibody and floor pans and carefully grafting the Minor bits on. I realize that the MX5 has an 86mm longer wheelbase than the Traveller, which is something to consider. Wondering if anyone has experience with either of these build routes?

Also hoping that someone out there may have a set of chassis drawings they would part with? Texas Mongrel mentions in one of his posts that he had sent copies of his drawings to a few folks. I've tried contacting him directly with no luck, so hoping someone might be able to help.

Many thanks, Cam
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Hi Cam,
I have done this build using MK1 MX5 running gear. There wasn't much left of the MX5 and I only ended up using the front suspension components, rear subframe, engine and gearbox.

I fabricated a new set of chassis rails and front suspension towers, narrowed the track by 150mm to tuck it all under the standard width of the bodywork. Then there was a lot of sheet metal fabrication to make new bulkheads, floor, inner wings etc.

As always things are a compromise, it all depends how much fabrication work you want to do, where you want to sit in the car, ride height, looks etc.

Unfortunately I didn't follow one of the routes you mentioned but do have some experience of those from the research I did before starting my build.

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Hi Robin,

Many thanks for the quick reply. I think you've confirmed for me the route I'd like to go which is to fabricate chassis and inner body panel parts. I'm pretty lucky in that I have a well equipped shop, a few skills (I'm an OK welder but a fabulous grinder), and I've also acquired both vehicles.

Your narrowing it by 150mm sounds like a great way to keep thinks looking more like a stock MM. I don't mind things looking a little modified but would like to keep from things looking too wild or too many body modifications.

If you have any other advice that you acquired along the way, I'd be very happy to hear it.

Thanks again! Cam
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