123 Dizzy 1275 Moggie Settings: Rolling Road feedback

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Hello folks,

In case anyone was thinking of doing similar, I've just had a 123 Dizzy installed on my 1275cc Midget engined Mogster. It has a MG Metro big valve head, modified cam for decent low down torque, HIF44 carb on heated inlet and Maniflow LCB to large bore exhaust, so the usual minor mods really.

The dizzy was the Midget/Mini unit (rather than the universal GB one) and was set up with the help of JPR Rolling Road in Yate, who I would highly recommend.

If it helps other, we found that Curve 6 (out of 16 to choose from) was the best curve to use. I was recommended 7 by SCarbs, who I bought it off but that was a little too advanced at low revs. Also used the recommended Beru (Bosch) blue coil.

The engine pulls like a dream now with near constant torque across the rev range, start well too.

Hope this helps others.
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