Maurice, 1958 4 door saloon happy owner.

If you are new to the board or have never made a post before, don't just lurk around, post in here and introduce yourself and your Minor if you have one. It would be great to hear from you.
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Maurice, 1958 4 door saloon happy owner.

Post by Lukasz »

Good morning,
I think it's time to show some info on my project.
It's my firts post here, so please accept my apologies for imperfections😉 I was a fan of Morris Minor for some time, but actually buying one was always somewhere in a 'dream' area. The dream was to have a 2door saloon in old english white. Reality was a bit different, in terms of actually having one - it's going to be few years before I will be able to get one... True and sad story is I had a brain surgery in September which has kind of changed my thinking. Make sure to focus on your dreams, otherwise you won't get them. So, in November last year, couple months after my incident I have decided let's see what's on the market. I have found a 1958 4 door saloon, which has had some work done in terms of bodywork - welding wise. Me and my wife went to see the Maurice - swear it was just to see it... Long story short the guy selling it wanted 2500. My wife told not to tell stories about my surgery as I am known as a teller. The thing is she couldn't stop talking🤣 anyway the guy selling it went down to 2grand without asking - we were ready to pay a bit more... So she has reduce
d it 500 pound straight away.... Happy days! So I got a car... Then all restoration started... At the moment Maurice has been stripped almost to bare elements. I am in the process of taking one bit at the time, restore it and put on the shelf. Last week I have found hopefuly a great guys, who are restoring Moggies for years. So the plan is to clear every panel to bare metal, take it for repairs if needed and carry on with all panels, then get the guys to weld everything else I cannot do and carry on with the rest. I already have about 300 pictures, which I will not post here - that would be too much for you, 😉😉😉 I do hope my progress will encourage you all to get your morries tobe done. Parts are easily available, so why not get something beautiful???

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Re: Maurice, 1958 4 door saloon happy owner.

Post by Sleeper »

1958 4-door


1 photo please...

John ;-)

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Re: Maurice, 1958 4 door saloon happy owner.

Post by Plin »

:| Sorry to hear of your brain surgery - it can takes it toll in many ways, hope you are recovering well?

:D Welcome to the forum - great to hear you have already started making plans for Maurice - as Sleeper says we love photos!!

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Re: Maurice, 1958 4 door saloon happy owner.

Post by DaveC »

Welcome to the forum, look forward to hearing of the progress. :D

1958 1/4 Ton van, 1275cc (ex PO Engineers)

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