1970 Traveller in Trafalgar Blue BYT 130H

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1970 Traveller in Trafalgar Blue BYT 130H

Postby Wickham » Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:47 pm

I've joined this forum in the hope of finding / tracking down our old family car.

In the early eighties we used to go on holiday to Somerset to visit our grandmother. Who, along with her sister owned a 1970 Trafalgar Blue Traveller. In the late eighties my grandmother got a new car (Mk2 Escort!!) and the Morris was put aside. My father was offered the car, which he duly accepted. Just before Christmas 1988 my father and I went down to Somerset to collect the Traveller and drive it back to Kent. What an experience it was too, the car was in need of a lot of attention. In 1989 'Monty' as the Traveller had become known, was sent to the Morris Traveller Centre in Walthamstow, East London for the full rebuild that it so desperately needed, as my father didn't have the time to carry out the work himself. In December 1989, the work on 'Monty' was completed and my Father and I went up to Walthamstow to collect him and bring him home.

For the next six years Monty was used as our regular family car, and we travelled many miles with him, including in 1990 a family holiday to the Isle of Wight, 2 adults 4 children and luggage all fitted in, albeit cosily!! It was the first car I ever drove, a quick Sunday afternoon drive round the local industrial estate soon after I started my driving lessons!!. You could say the wheel turned full circle, in the late 90's Monty was sold on because a newer, larger family car had been purchased.

I would love to know where Monty is these days, having looked on the internet he is listed as SORN with the last MOT expiring in August 2007. If any readers of this forum know of his whereabouts etc I would love to hear from them.

I have attached a picture of him taken in the early nineties. Judging by the AA badge on the grille, it would have been taken either just before or after taking part in the Annual 'Bucket & Spade Run' from Medway to Ramsgate.

Any information would be gratefully received!!
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Hi and welcome. Hopefully it's just resting or being restored.

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Good luck finding info, have you looked at the tax and MOT history on-line?

Google tax check and have a look.

Cheers from North Yorks
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