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Lubricants, Grades & availability

Postby Daz » Wed May 22, 2013 8:12 am


Are all these oils grease and lubricants still available from this '53 original manual?
Have any grades or raw materials been substituted, altered or banned?
I haven't been to a large auto shop supplier yet & the town I'm in has only garages & mechanics that do tyres, batteries and airconditioners, but they can do blank looks when asked about grease nipples.
A quick look on internet confused me more, the manual itself seems to be a time capsule of brand names and product labels that I don't always see much anymore.
Or a better question might be - is there any new oils or grease that cant be used?
(Brake fluids are another conversation.)
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Postby woodywoodchipper » Wed May 22, 2013 9:23 pm

engine oil is 20/50

gearbox is 20/50 ( engine oil)

rear axle is hypoid 80 or 90

carb dash pot, thin oil (like sewing machine oil)

dampers can be refilled with motorcycle fork oil, 30's 40'

brake fluid is Dot 4, do not use silicon brake fluid in an old system it rots the seals(I believe)

grease any good quality, uk we use moly grease, may have something similar over there,

dont forget steering rack, oil or grease, personnel prefrence,

hinges and any thing else that moves light oil, (otherwise it runs every where,)

if you only have sythetic oil availabe, you can use it but get as close to a 20/50 as you can, usually 20/40,


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