are bolt kits worth it?

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are bolt kits worth it?

Post by Pledgedplum »

Hi I have seen a (pretty much) full nut and bolt kit and was wondering if things like this are worth it or not, as I would have no idea where to start getting all the different bolts myself as i am working on a shell with minimal bolts and fewer reusable ones.
this is the link to it ... 00-pieces/

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Re: are bolt kits worth it?

Post by Custard »

Not sure.

I hadn't seen that firm before, but on a general note I personally wouldn't deal with them without checking where they are based. I am always a bit sceptical when a firm wont display an address or a landline number.

I also don't know how tat price equates to buying them separately.

You can get most fittings from the likes of ESM, Moss, or AME353 on ebay.

Engine fittings you can also use the Mini suppliers like Minisport.

I tend to stick to a few so less people get my card details and if your website isn't easy to navigate and search they are not my first choice.

I did buy an engine bolt kit of ebay, but it was only a small purchase and only covered the smaller fittings, Timing cover, water pump, bell housing etc.

It was handy as they came all bagged up and labelled so saved a little time and frustration if the job has to stop waiting for a delivery.

The Big Ends, Main Bearing and Cylinder head studs were all bought from a known source.


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