Size Difference - 2-door and 4-door Doors?

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Re: Size Difference - 2-door and 4-door Doors?

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I think I'm answering my own question...have found the German drawing mentioned before and the dotted lines show the 2-door b-pillar...
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Re: Size Difference - 2-door and 4-door Doors?

Post by Custard »

The side is different because of the doors.

2 door front doors are the same as the traveller whereas the 4 door front doors match the van and pick up.

The B pillar has to be shaped for hinges for the back doors on the 4 door and is also deeper front to back, which is why 4 doors can have a higher seat belt mounting point than the two doors which have a much thinner B pillar. (Travellers can too but they have a completely different B pillar to allow for fixing the wood to.)

There is a seam on the rear 3/4 panel, seen from inside the boot but not obvious from outside.

So when you say "are the body pressings different" I think it is more a question of which ones are different. I think most of them are the same.

It may well be that it is the B pillar and the C pillar only, then the doors and sill areas. With the two door having a welded on C pillar/side panel.


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