Question after first brake shoes replacement.

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Hi all

Just a couple of questions after doing my first brake shoe replacement. Amazingly it seemed to go well and not as fiddly as I thought and the brakes are heaps better (got new drums also).

Will the brakes need bleeding?

Also when I adjust the brakes I turn the screw as far as I can but the drum isnt completly locked ie it moves with a little bit of force then I slacken it off one click to what it should be is that normal? Will I just need to re adjust after a little while once shoes have centered/bedded in?

As I said brakes seem great now!

Thanks in advance.
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No bleeding is necessary if you didn't disturb the cylinders or the lines. When you say you turn the screw as far as you can, are you saying that is the last position or you just can't turn it anymore. If it's the latter, try turning the other one again, then rotate the drum and try it again. Do this a couple of times as it tends to center the shoes. Jabbing the brake pedal a few times will also help. If nothing changes, with new shoes and drums, I'd keep it in your current position if the drag is just a bit because there may be high spots on the shoes. If the drag is significant, then back off one. Either way you should check again after some miles and pay attention to the pedal travel. Try to have the pedal about halfway under normal braking.
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