cant get a pedal!

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cant get a pedal!

Postby d g services » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:17 pm

have to admit stumped here. i cant get a good pedal on this moggy. fitted new cylinders and shoes on the rear. new rear flexi. new master cylinder as well. it has discs on the front with high qaulity braid pipes. a servo and master cylinder, remote fluid tank are fitted. tried bleeding the correct way also bled the servo at its discharge end. but still no luck. any pointers ?
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Re: cant get a pedal!

Postby Custard » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:08 am

Barring the obvious leaks, you have probably checked most of these anyway, but just in case;

a) has the master cylinder been modified for discs correctly,

b) pushrod adjusted ok,

c) is the servo a new addition, is it mounted as low as possible and slightly nose up,

d) are the rear shoes adjusted yet, I have found that if they are not the cylinder can expand and contract a bit and not really expel any air.

As everything is new it can take a while to get all the air out there is a larger volume now with discs and a servo, but without any pressure at all it is not pushing enough out.

One option is gravity as you have a high reservoir fill it up and just leave the bleed nipples open a while, (or do one at once if you have the time and not enough tubes) the other is suction with something like the mityvac (just google images on mityvac) if you know someone nearby with one I would try that. The gun sucks air from the bleed nipple and fluid is caught in the bottle.

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Re: cant get a pedal!

Postby GraemeT » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:33 am

Hi - I can also recommend a MityVac - has worked for me in the past when all else failed on a (wait for it) Ssangyong and a Bedford TL. You can get 'false positives' with bubbles in the extracted fluid from either a loose seal between the fitting/bleed nipple or, on coarse threaded nipples, air sucking down the threads (wrapping in PTFE tape helps if you get that problem).

If you are not opposed to clamping flexipipes then you could clamp them all off and then see if you can get a firm pedal after releasing one at a time to try and isolate the problem item/pipe (not sure if you can clamp braided pipe though so maybe just the rear flexi which would rule in/out the rear axle setup)??
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Re: cant get a pedal!

Postby emjay » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:48 pm

I've never done a remote reservoir, but you still might be able to see the flow back into the reservoir when the pedal is released. Nice vigorous flow indicates compressed air. Any flow at all will show at least that the master cylinder is pushing something and that is a start and will likely rule out a MC issue. As mention before but for further clarification, look over the entire system to ensure air can not be trapped anywhere, such as making sure the servo is pointing up. Gravity works better when the system is mostly air free to maintain the siphon effect if there are high loops. Whatever method you use that requires pumping, it is better to pump slowly one stroke at a time with closed bleeder (manual or automatic) on the return stroke. Picture it as moving the fluid through the lines. One stroke is good for at least a few feet.
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Re: cant get a pedal!

Postby cardiffrob » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:47 pm

From experience, the drillings in the latest new Marina calips seems to have some nasty places where the bubbles stick. I managed to solve the issue only by removing the calipers and re-bleeding at funny angles.
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