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Front suspension querie

Postby MogDJ » Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:44 pm

Hi all,
I've been replacing the suspension bushes with new poly bushes as the original rubber ones had perished during the time it's taken me to rebuild the pick up from the ground up. I noticed this afternoon, that once I had assembled everything, there is about 1/2" of torsion bar splines showing at the front end, where the lower wishbone arm attaches to it. I hadn't noticed how much was showing previously, but this seems a bit excessive. During the rebuil d there were no changes made to the cross member at the back end of the torsion bar.

Is this amount of exposed splines acceptable, and if not, what can be done? I was considering making a thicker C washer to
move the bar along, but not sure if this will create another issue.

Any help or advice would be great fully received.

Many thanks
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Re: Front suspension querie

Postby Custard » Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:21 pm

That seems about the same or slightly less than mine were.

The splines are quite long and in the cast arm you need room for the cup that is bolted to the pin.

You could if you wanted measure the length of the splines and then you would know how far it protrudes into the arm and do the same with the cup on the pin.

If I remember correctly there is at least 2 inches of splines, but unfortunately I don't have a spare torsion bar here to measure.

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