25D4 Distributor with Magnetronic MTK003 Electronic Ignition

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Hello folks,

Just uprated my dizzy to an all electronic 123 unit and have the old 25D4 dizzy for sale complete with Lumenition Magnetronic MTK003 Electronic Ignition Module and Lumenition Mega Spark 3 High Performance coil complete with 1.5 ohm ballast resistor. It also has an uprated genuine Dr Dizzy "red rotor" arm and a decent dizzy cap both less than a year old.

Everything you need to upgrade a points / condensor based dizzy. All working well and taking off my perfectly running car this Tuesday, 6th March 18.

This dizzy was previously set up on my car on a rolling road (AW Tracksport, Horncastle) with no issues and running spot on. It's a 1970 genuine Lucas dizzy and not one of the very poor quality ones you can now buy for 8 and sixpence and guaranteed to break down before you get to the end of your drive!

The MTK003 cost me close to £100 and the coil with ballast close to £40. Been installed for 4 years without a hiccup.

I was hoping to get close to £60 for the both items as it would cost close to £150 to buy them brand new now and there's no need to worry about installing the MTK003 as it all been done and working.

Located in Bath, Somerset for pick up or can courier out to UK mainland at cost for P&P.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Now SOLD, thanks to all for their interest
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