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Re: RH Specialist Insurance

Postby Big Al » Thu May 03, 2018 5:16 pm

I had a very useful 45 min chat with one of the RH underwriters today. Some interesting points mentioned.

He told me they are about the only classic car company who have been given some flexibility by the insurance provider, ERS. This means they can discount and offer some flexibility depending on personal circumstances. Some points were made quite clear though.

1. A classic car insurance from them does require you having a modern that takes the brunt of your annual driving. If you don't, in his book you're not covered.

2. They do not allow classics to be driven for business use and as a daily commuter.

2a. The section 6 part of their policy referring to SD & P and connection with business is only there to allow you to be covered if you need to use the classic because your modern is not available ie broken, or a rare trip because it's a nice day. He said if they think the classic was being used continuously they would remove the business section.

2b. They do not allow a classic to be used for work.

3. The Social, Domestic and Pleasure part of the cover is just that. It will allow trips to the shops and beach etc. Whoever may have said otherwise may not have been talking from script.

3a. All this is to try and keep the premiums down. Other companies appear to try and add 50% each year.

4. My own policy was renewed with them today with just a £4 increased due to tax changes. ERS do not restrict mileage and my policy still has full breakdown/insurance cover for the UK/EU.

One thing was clear was that each person is dealt with on an individual basis, age, experience, job, location etc. Comparing prices will never give a true reflection of any of the companies, theres too many variables. What I don't think is right is a quote going out and then discounted because you challenge it. That is dishonest in my book. As is saying you get a discount because you are a club member when they won't insure you if you're not. How can that be a discount?
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Re: RH Specialist Insurance

Postby Custard » Fri May 04, 2018 6:42 am

Big Al,

Thanks for taking the time to get that from the horses mouth, much appreciated.

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Re: RH Specialist Insurance

Postby MickEssex » Fri May 04, 2018 6:52 am

Well done Alan, A lot of people will find this helpfully. It is a pity the insurers don't make this information easier to find and easy to understand in there policy documentation or on there website etc.

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