Fully Rebuilt 1098 Engine For Sale

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Fully Rebuilt 1098 Engine For Sale

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I currently a 1970 Morris A series 1098 engine for sale. I rebuild these A series engines for a hobby and sell them on for someone to fully enjoy. The price of the engine enables me to fund the next project, again to put an engine back into the world of the enthusiast. It disappoints me when I see engines being broken on ebay for parts, as this reduces engines from the circulation pool.

The engine block, cylinder head, sump, and end plates and all associated parts were all chemically cleaned. The engine block water jacket was also thoroughly cleaned before rebuild commenced.

The only original parts in this engine are the crank which has had a regrind, and the pistons which were in great condition. Everything else has been replaced with brand new parts from Charles Ware Morris Minors, a full list of which is below: All receipts can be provided to show what exactly what has been renewed on this engine.

The cylinder head has been upgraded to unleaded with the valve seats re:cut and replaced with unleaded valves. The cylinder head has also been skimmed. New valve stem oil seals fitted. Rocker shaft reconditioned with oil ways thoroughly cleaned.

New core plugs, Oil gallery plugs renewed, new push rods, piston rings, Cam bearings, main bearings, big end bearings, washer locks big end. Thrust washers, Washer lock camshaft, plate locking, Valve and spring oil release, Copper washer, Sump special retaining, Dipstick Tube, Spin on oil filter conversion kit, Oil pressure switch, Sump seal front, Sump seal rear, Gasket manifold to carb, Gasket washer carb chamber, Washer spindle lock tab, O' Ring oil seal 1098, Head Gasket Set, Gasket set conversion bottom end, Cylinder head studs 9, liner camshaft bearings, New tappets 8, push rods 8, Water outlet elbow studs, Water pump,Thermostat housing, Thermostat, Oil pump, Gasket Oil pump, Timing Chain, and new gears with ring tensioners. I will post pictures and a video of the engine running when it was completed.

My personal view when rebuilding these engines, is put the pride into a piece of iconic British engineering, and the original engineer has probably long retired, or may have passed, and it gives me pleasure to know that at least another 50 years use has been restored to this engine.

I am looking to sell for £2000 please message me, if you have any questions.

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