Rear brake shoes “BORG & BECK”

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Bought a set of rear brake shoes manufactured by “Borg & Beck” listed as oe quality parts .
Fitted them and on one set the adjuster hits a part of the shoe and doesn’t let it adjust fully. The other set will not allow lock up of rear wheel and just go to max on the adjuster the jump to fully off position.
I compared them with another set I had and the tolerance of the new shoes is terrible . They are totally way off compared with the other shoes.
I have fitted the other set and they adjust and lock up fine .
I am awaiting a response from Bull Motif regarding a full refund as the shoes are only fit for the skip.
I should just stick to buying from ESM .
Just wanted to warn others of the poor quality of “ Borg & Beck “ rear minor shoes
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pay the extra and use Ferodo

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Re: Rear brake shoes “BORG & BECK”

Postby Sleeper » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:30 am

I just hope the "quality" replacement B&B brake master cylinder I've just ordered will not be the same...

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