Lancaster Insurance like running thru Treacle

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October 2016 Compiled a two page A4 letter detailing everything but every thing Insurers need to quote Classic Car Insurance. That was emailed to Lancaster.
Week later phoned as nothing heard said they would get back to me, never heard from them so insured thru Footman James, everything sorted within one hour.
October 2017, approached Lancaster again with same extensive but modified specification for the required cover, one week passes, nothing heard ! Phoned, was put thru to a Mr Barron who said he would respond if I sent the inquiry to his personal email at Lancaster,
this was done immediately. Yep, nothing heard from Lancaster. So went with Footman James who provided immediate quotation over the phone. You can only try so hard to spend money with a company before you realize they have other priorities than accepting it !
Just imagine the situation if insured thru Lancaster and you actually wanted to make and progress a claim on any Policy.
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Worth knowing, thanks for sharing this info
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Ive just insured my Mg online with Lancaster and i ticked the box saying that I do not wish to be telephoned after taking out a policy with them. On the same day I had 3 calls from their advisors contacting me to see if I wanted to take out a policy with them.
I advised each of them to check their records to confirm that I had taken the policy out and by the third call I was less polite :evil:
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Should try Richard Hoskens would highly recommend them.
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