Distributor Caps NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE

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I've recently bought 2 number 1098 service kits from Bull motif, consisting of 4 spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, Lucas points,Lucas condensor,Lucas rotor arm, and unknown manufactured distributor cap.
The distributor cap is not fit for purpose as the 4 number connections inside are coated in plastic and when running the car you find small particals of plastic inside the cap as it wears.
BEWARE when buying these kits. They are £17.99 free postage and selling through eBay under bull motif
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Re: Distributor Caps NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE

Postby Sleeper » Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:28 am

Is there play in your dissy driveshaft?

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yes I've had a couple of them caps but from local supplier, and they crack real easy, :x

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It's honestly terrible that they can sell inferior parts like this , I mean the 4 pins in the dizzy cap are there to conduct your spark and should not have 3/4 coverage in plastic . I looked out a few of my old dizzy caps replaced from numerous years and NOT ONE of them has plastic covering the pins inside the cap
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