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Topic reply notification

Post by Sleeper »

Dear all

For a while now, ( maybe forever? ) , I receive , "Topic reply notification" , in my Spam folder??
I have tried adding the sender " " to my address list, sending to the address etc but to no avail..

All my other forums notifications come into my inbox


John ;-)

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Re: Topic reply notification

Post by Custard »

Mines working fine.

I am using outlook, and I am fairly sure I never did anything and it has never gone to spam/junk.

You are reading it in the email address registered with the forum and not redirecting to another in which case you may have to make it non spam in all email addresses it passes through.


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Re: Topic reply notification

Post by Big Al »

Mine works fine too. I find when it comes to this sort of thing it is down to providers you have. Some, like Virgin, will filter emails more than others.


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