Numpty schoolboy error when wiring modern radio!

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Numpty schoolboy error when wiring modern radio!

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Maybe I'm the only one who has made the following mistake, but just in case anyone else has a similar issue ...

Some years ago I fitted a Kenwood CD radio in my pickup. For various reasons I have only driven the pickup quite infrequently in the past few years, and I have often wondered why my battery seems to go flat, or run down, quite often.
Well, while wiring my steering lock ignition, and doing some general research, I finally found the reason.

My CD radio has, like all modern radios, two input wires - yellow and red.
For ease of fitting I had connected both the yellow and the red to the live fuse. The yellow wire is the "memory" wire, so of course this should be connected to a permanent live. But stupidly I hadn't realised that having the red wire connected to a permanent live meant that the radio is always drawing a small current, even when not actually switched on.
Doh! :oops:

I have now rewired things so that the radio red wire is connected (via a fuse) to position I (effectively the ACC position) on my steering lock ignition switch.
Problem solved! (Finally!) :)

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