Neiman 66 ignition switch wiring

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Neiman 66 ignition switch wiring

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A while ago I fitted a Neiman 66 steering lock to my pickup, but hadn't yet wired up the ignition switch because I couldn't find any definitive wiring instructions anywhere.
A few days ago I worked through all the possible combinations and I have now got a setup that works OK.
I thought I'd put a few notes here in case they're of help to anyone else. Apologies if these details are already somewhere else and I missed them!

There are 5 connections on the back of the lock that I have, numbered as follows: 15, 57a, 30 (actually 2 connections for this one), 75, 50.
There are 4 key positions: 0, I, II, III.
I worked through all the possibilities by connecting the input brown/blue live wire to each of the 5 connections in turn (15, 57a, 30, 75, 50), and then for each of those 5 different possibilities, I tested the other 4 connections to see which of them became live when I turned the key to each of the 4 different key positions (0, I, II, III).
In the end I found just one overall combination which worked for me:

30 Connect the input brown/blue live wire.
75 Live when key is in positions I and II. I have connected this to a fuse which feeds the radio red wire, subwoofer, and cigarette lighter socket. So this means that key position I is effectively the ACC position.
15 Live when key is in positions II and III. Connect the thick white and thin white ignition wires.
50 Live when key is in position III. Connect the white/red solenoid wire.
57a Only live when the key position is 0, and when the key is removed. I haven't connected anything to this. But here I guess that you might connect things that only need to be live when you walk away from the car, such as a car alarm?

Hope these notes might be of use to someone,

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