Few questions about a Smith dual oil/water temp gauge.

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Gday team from sunny NZ

Been reading heaps on the forum in the last few months since I bought my first "morrie" a beautiful 1964 'ute'.with 1098 enginge. Ill try put a pic at the bottom of post.

Anyway been wanting to put a smiths dual gauge on.Ive finally found a better price inc delivery than the only one Ive found in NZ. Ive read probably all avalible threads on it but just want to double check a few things before I purchase.

I get the water capillary tube goes into the head unit which is all simple but is the bulb at the end of the tube to long for the head and needs and adapter to keep it from touching the other side? Or will it just screw straight in and off you go? (Read a few different opinioins)

And the gauge doesnt come with pipe for the oil part will 1.5m worth be enough 3m is other option?

I know its been done a bit and did try and search for an answer thanks in advance!

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I found I needed the adapter for the water temperature bulb and got one from Demon Tweeks over here.

https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performa ... e-adaptors

I think my oil was the 1.5 metre as yours is right hand drive then it should be the same. As it is a dual gauge the water will probably influence where you mount it. I would probably just check your intended route with some electrical wire, string is too floppy. A little extra is handy but you don't really want to be coiling it up as you will tend to get air locks in it.

You may also want a tee piece to keep the existing light.

Cococola has just done this;


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