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Postby old english white » Sun Dec 06, 2015 7:01 pm

There is no need to spend the money on "van" wheels unless you prefer the look of them and I do agree they fill the wheelarches a bit more. As I said earlier in this thread I also fitted the Toyo 155/80/14 tyres to my standard wheels and found them rather unstable due to the very soft sidewalls. However we have the same size 155/80/14 Nangkang tyres fitted to our other Minor and it drives very well with none of that wallowing AND they are cheap! :) .

Generally speaking I do prefer the drive on the 145/80/14 Bridgestone tyres - the steering seems a little more positive - but there is really very little in it. I did have a set of 4.1/2 inch rims fitted to one of my Minors at one stage (I sold them when somebody offered me a high price for them) and there honestly seemed no real gain in the driving experience which is much more related to the tyres than the wheels. If you're going to fit the same 155/80/14 tyres, I really don't think you're going to notice much difference between fitting them to standard or the wider wheels.
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