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Re: Changing wheels / tyres - Calculator

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DTH wrote:If you are changing your wheels / tyres worth having a look at this to see how it will affect your speedo etc.  Seen it linked on the other site but think its worth posting here" onclick=";return false;

imo its worth making a sticky.
Tyres have statistics.
One of those statistics is it's static loaded radius.

Change in gearing / speed is directly proportional to the change in SLR.

But only if you have the correct tyre pressure.

If you fit a bigger cross section tyre
and inflate it to the manufacturer's stated pressure for the normal tyre
you increase the SLR.

You also lose most of the advantage you get from fitting larger tyres.

All the advantages except the poser one :-)

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Re: Changing wheels / tyres - Calculator

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Fatter Tyres - Lower Pressures.
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