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Ford Anglia Axle

Postby bingo » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:41 pm

Has anyone ever fitted an Anglia axle?
The Moggy rear track width is 50.2" and the Anglia 105e 45.7" so 4.5" narrower. This might allow wider rear wheels or wheels with more offset to be fitted to the Moggy. The Anglia axle is far stronger apparently. It seems a common modification to put the English Axle in the Moggy.

The Anglia axle is 43" wide and the Escort axle is 48" wide, I think the Moggy axle is 50.2" (same as the rear track above, because as the wheels have zero offset).

I need to find out if the shorter Anglia axle has been fitted to a Moggy and what wheel offsets or spacers (if any) were used?

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Re: Ford Anglia Axle

Postby twincamman » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:07 pm

The Anglia axle is too narrow. the end are cast and therefore you can't weld the spring mounts to them. To fit the Anglia axle you would have to move the springs inboard, or convert to coilovers/5-link. Even then you'll have to tub the rear inner wings. If you want to fit a narrower axle, use the MGB unit or Mk1 Cortina (both 49" track) and then you can fit 7" rims on the back. I don't know about the MGB unit, but on the Cortina axle you need to make sure that the spring saddles are no more then 40mm wide to clear the cast ends.
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