Wipers not clearing

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Wipers not clearing

Post by Devonboy64 »

Hello, this is my first time on the forum.
We have had out 1964 Traveller for the last 25 years, and in recent times we have had trouble with the wipers not clearing the windscreen of rain. I have tried everything, new wiper arms/blades, new springs, trying to shorten the springs to get more tension, bending the arms etc, but with no improvement.

This may seem to be a 'minor' problem, however an MoT is fast approaching...!

Have any of you experienced similar problems, and might have some tips?

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Re: Wipers not clearing

Post by MM »

Yes, they can be pretty poor at times, particularly in strong rain/high wind conditions - something you just learn to live with!

It helps to thoroughly clean the windscreen regularly, with vinegar or a decent proprietary cleaner.

You could try giving the windscreen a coat of Rain-X glass cleaner/rain repellant.

Also, ensure the wiper arm spindles are lubricated, and grease the motor/mechanism if necessary. You could also fit those little clip-on aerofoils onto the wiper arms to create a bit more downforce when you're up to speed.

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Re: Wipers not clearing

Post by pgp001 »


You say you fitted new wiper blades. I can tell you now that not all new blades are equal as I found to my cost when I had similar poor wiper performance.

I ended up fitting Lucas LWCB11 blades and they clean the screen as good as my modern car.
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LUCAS-WINDSC ... Sw-0xYUW61


PS. What on earth are you doing taking out in the rain, you will get the wood wet :D

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Re: Wipers not clearing

Post by Custard »

I can vouch for the Rain X as I found its often better to leave the wipers off and the rain just beads and rolls off to the sides giving better vision than having them on in certain conditions.

As far as the MOT goes they are limited to what your washers will put on the screen so if your washers reach the screen and the wipers smear it around the area in front of the driver and the rubbers are visibly in good condition that seems to be it.

I think most of them appreciate the cars age and design and accept they will never match a modern one.

For your own benefit I would do as above really clean the windscreen, consider the Rain X, and maybe try a different set of rubbers.

I also specifically wipe the edge of the blades when the car is washed and make sure all car wax is rinsed off the windscreen with the wipers lifted off just so it doesn't run down and stick to the edge of the blades.

Good luck with the MOT.


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