The Engine Centre, Willenhall - any experience?

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Has anyone bought a recon engine from The Engine Centre in Willenhall? I just had a strange but wonderful conversation with an Indian gentleman in his 70s who has been machining engines for 35 years, and who can put together a short block (no head) for me for £600. (He has a complete engine for £750, but I don't need the head as mine was remanufactured last year.) But it seems a bit of a shot in the dark to just buy one from him on spec. He even admitted there may still be a small oil leak around the timing cover, because they are so difficult to prevent completely – so he certainly knows Minor engines! Otherwise, does anyone have any recommendations as to a reliable source for a recon 1098 engine? Thanks!
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There appears to be 2 business with very similar names in the same area ....

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I know some young members have used him and I believe some Birmingham branch members know him too. Never heard of any complaints.
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