Which 1275cc to use ?

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Which 1275cc to use ?

Postby hillymole » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:46 am

I have 2no A series 1275cc units. One of which I intend to fully overhaul to go in My traveller with a 5 speed Sierra box conversation.
Currently installed in the posh Traveller.
Ex Marina unit, oil filter top rear. Not a ribbed A+ block. Currently on a pair of ex midget SU HS Carbs with noisy Chrome pancake filters.
Currently in installed in laid up Traveller (Someone,s future project, not mine tho)
Ex late Sprite Midget Engine, bottom canister oil filter, single 1.75" HIF SU Carb (almost certainly OEM carb unit). Replaceable element air filter.
As I need to specify the unit for ordering the gearbox conversation kit, re clutch & flywheel issues . Need to make a decision.
Both units are good runners so neither is self electing by mechanical issues.
Appreciate opinions from contributors more knowledgeable than me
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Re: Which 1275cc to use ?

Postby ruairidh » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:38 am

I would go with the sprite engine as it is a much better engine.
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Re: Which 1275cc to use ?

Postby Andy W » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:20 am

ruairidh wrote:I would go with the sprite engine as it is a much better engine.

That's a shame....my Traveller has a Marina lump..! :(
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Re: Which 1275cc to use ?

Postby MM » Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:05 pm

I would also be inclined to use the Sprite engine, as you get a tuftrided EN16T crank, and in some cases, Cooper 'S' type AEG521 con-rods. Some early 1275cc Marina engines were reknowned for running a bit rough, and they later fitted a large crank damper to try to cure the issue.

I have a circa 1970 12CE Midget engine in my Traveller, which has performed very well for the past 60,000 miles or so. So well, in fact, that it has broken at least two halfshafts and ribbed-case gearboxes! :lol:

The 1.75" HIF wouldn't have been a standard Midget/Sprite fitment (most had a pair of 1.25" SUs), but will work nicely with any 1275, generally being as good on power as the twin SUs, but with better driveability and lower maintenance required.

The Sprite engine will also be worth more, should you later decide to sell it on, with good runners going for around the £1,000 mark right now!
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