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Body Shell Codes

Postby Big Al » Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:50 pm

Body Shell Codes
A Guide to Identifying the Correct Age/Model/Style of your Morris Minor


Most car owners are aware there are Engine and Chassis (VIN) Numbers that identify their car from the next. Morris also used Body Shell Codes. These were used during the manufacturing process and recorded any changes made to the shape/style of the body.

For many years a member has been tracking down these numbers and with a process of cross referencing he has produced the start of a registry that will help identify the correct year/model/style of your car. This registry has now been taken on by Minormadman/Cliff.

This guide sets out to help you use the registry, tell you how to get help and to request details from your car to help build a more detailed listing.

What to look for.

Like the engine and chassis number the body code number will be found on a plate in the car.

Here are examples of the Body Code plates and the two places you will find them:

Fig.1: Engine Bay, front nearside* tie plate under the bumper support.                ©Old English White (MMO)

Fig.2: Engine bay, nearside* upper part of bulkhead.                                         ©Old English White (MMO)

Note: *Nearside on Right Hand Drive cars.

Simple things to look out for. Has the body code plate got screw holes that match up or is it the same colour as the car?

Fig 2a: Which of these do you trust as being original?                              ©Old English White/Big Al (MMO)

Fig.3: Body Shell Code Locations.

These Body Code Numbers should not be confused with the Chassis Numbers. These numbers are found either found on the bulkhead near the wiring loom exit (until about 1965) or on the Drivers (RHD versions) footwell as shown below:

Fig.4: Chassis Number, before 1965/6, on upper part of bulkhead.                     ©Old English White (MMO)

Fig.5: Chassis Number, after 1965/6, drivers footwell.                                        ©Old English White (MMO)

Help Needed...

If you want to check a car is genuine or want to help update the registry please contact Minormadman/Cliff with the details. Your options are:

PM by clicking here:  Minormadman  


By adding a comment to the Body Shell Code discussion post: Discussion post

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in producing this useful guide. Please help by adding details of your Minor.
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Postby minormadman » Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:26 am

Many thanks for helping with this Big Al.

Hello All.

Just to clarify certain items -since taking over this thread from POMMreg.

This reference guide will go towards the never ending task of compiling the MMO Forums records. "M.I.N.O.R" =Minor  Identification  National Official Register-(MINOR).

The records will not just be a list of car reg numbers-body numbers etc,they now also contain specific individual details (colour changes,mods done,brakes changed,holidays travelled on-even babies born inside of- these great little cars.

So you can see,these records should be a lovely snap-shot of these "historical cars" over time ,and should help enthusiastic members for many.many years to come.

These records are now the property of this Forum,and will be placed on a website,presently being constructed by our Sites Webmaster Mick ( mick essex )

These records will be only accessed by a nominated moderator (presently myself) and kept secure,at all times.

All contributing members will be allocated a password,so they can access thier own records,at any time, (future security is an important issue).

The "master" records, (MINOR-as above), will be kept safe and secure. They will used to help future registered members, with any of thier requirements, on the legitamacy of the cars they own, or future purchases.

If you would like to help me record,and keep safe,the historical/personal details of your cars, then please contact me as above.


Cliff (minormadman)

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