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Help/advice sought

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Good morning

I have posted this on the other site as well, but please don't hold that against me. :D

I'm currently stripping down my 1965 2 door minor with a view to replacing the rot with fresh metal.
Having never worked on a Minor before I have a few questions relating to the order in which parts are replaced.
There is rot in all the usual places, chassis rails, tie plates. floors, sills, crossmember, rear wing mounts etc.

My intention is to mount the stripped bodyshell on a rotisserie to give easier access to the underneath.

Now here is the question:
Is there a preferred sequence to replacing the panels or is it a case of starting from the front and working my way back through the car?
Also when replacing the floor/sill area how does the floor attach to the sill, is it sandwiched to the inner sill and is there a correct way to start on the floor/sill area?

I would be eternally grateful if there was anyone in the North Manchester/South Lancashire area who could come to my address and talk me through the process pointing out the do's and don'ts.



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