STOLEN NOY 686 CARDIFF - trailer seen going NORTH

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STOLEN NOY 686 CARDIFF - trailer seen going NORTH

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Please help get Chris Graves's one family owned Minor back! NOY 686. (Copied from Facebook for Chris Graves
Stolen September 19 at 2:54 PM ·

Morris Minor NOY 686 stolen Thursday (19th Sep) from Heath Park car park Cardiff - between 10 and 12noon - Police informed. Distinctive car with smaller rear windows than Morris 1000 car.

Car fitting the description of NOY686 was seen Friday 20th @11pm on a flat-bed trailer being pulled by white van on M5/M6 in Birmingham area heading north. Timing fits with earlier sighting that day north of Maesteg South Wales. Any other sightings that day would really help.

Later that night early hours of Sat 21st a "mog[gy] on trailer being pulled by jeep" was seen on M6 J37 - which is near Kendal Cumbria.

Main spotter information is as follows:
* Black Morris Minor (don't think could be resprayed yet)
* Split windscreen with SMALL rear window
* Headlights up in wings
* No cheese grater front grill
* Two door saloon
The fourth image helps to distinguish NOY686 from any other similar looking Minors. (Also - NOY686 has white indicators on front and orange on back separate from rear stop lights)

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Chronological info:
Car fitting description was spotted by someone about 12:20pm driving west in the Bridgend direction (between J33-35) on Thursday 19th September.

On Friday at 10:30am car looking exactly like these pictures was seen by two different people driving north of Maesteg - on A4107 in the direction of Cymmer." onclick=";return false;…/Dyffryn…/@51.6483769,-3.6644963,14z At that point number plate was observed as being NOY686.

On Friday evening approx 11pm a Morris Minor **fitting the description** (unsure as to whether number plate was removed or not) was seen on a flat-bed trailer being pulled by a white or silver van up M5/M6 north in the Birmingham area.

Later that night early hours of Sat 21st a "moggy on trailer being pulled by jeep" was seen on M6 J37 - which is near Kendal, Cumbria.

This could be NOY686 or it could have been a similar Morris Minor - we are seeking information on any legitimate movements.

Sight of any car fitting the description of NOY686 with its reg number would help, even if reg showing on car is different.

The website" onclick=";return false; enables anyone to check a vehicle. NOY686 can be checked this way. If you see an identical car with a different number plate, you check its number on the '' site and it comes back as a genuine Morris Minor then it is not mine. If it comes back as a VW Bettle/Austin etc or a Morris Minor from late 1956 onwards then it could be NOY686 with false number plates.

Fifth image shows rear view (but from 1963). When stolen the car had no wing mirrors and had orange direction indicators fitted to the rear wings.

Have added in comments to this thread information on history of the car - including some photos of the original log book from 1955.

Still looking - as of 30/09/2019 - please share - car could still be in S Wales or could have been transported to Birmingham, Cumbria or further afield - further afield is looking most likely at the moment (see 6th image). Over 1600 people have shared this post with more sharing other posts about NOY686.

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