Accomdation Please - Hampshire Area.

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Accomdation Please - Hampshire Area.

Postby Oddjob67 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:56 pm

Can Any one help, or be willing to help.

Myself and my Lotus Minor Pick Up have been invited to join the Lotus stand at the Beaulieu Supercar event, next weekend 5th-6th August.

As I'll be travelling down Friday evening I was hoping there might me someone with a good heart and a drive that I can Park a Car and Trailer on in safety,(or better still put the Trailer in a covered area) who wouldn't mind putting me up for the evening on Friday 4th August.
I'd be leaving early Saturday morning as I have to be on site by 8.00/8.30am.

I'd happily pay or give a donation to a charity.

Can anyone help please.?
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