Government meddling with us again

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Government meddling with us again

Postby plastic orange » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:59 am

I found this response to the consultation and I thought i'd share it here as it summarises what's going on. It seems to be one thing after another and yet another step in the move to ban all fossil fueled vehicles. Very soon, all old cars will be forced off the road, or use restricted, so please respond, even though you think this may not affect you now, but I'm sure it's just another piece in the jigsaw of their master plan.


NEW DFT consultation that could end our hobby by August this year.
Okay, that sounds a bit sensational but it's got your attention and in effect it is true as well.
I will add a link to the consultation and you need to read sections 4.4 to 4.13 as these are the ones that could kill the hobby.
I will also add a link to a facebook page which will tell you how to reply to the consultation, explains the bullet points and gives you them to fire at your MP, as well as drafts of letters you can use if you can't express your thoughts effectively in a letter.
This should be treated as URGENT as the sneaky **SWEARING MODERATED** have only given a 4 week period to reply and have not publicised this. They are supposed to give at least 12 weeks for replies and if they allow less, then they are supposed to explain WHY. They have not done that either.
No arguments or fights on this thread please, basically if you have a car or truck that has been built outside of the 8 point rule and are currently getting away with it being wrongly registered and doing what we do, which is enjoying your ride, then all seems rosy in our own wee world. However, if you get caught and have to rebuild your vehicle to pass a BIVA test and be re-registered, OR are already building towards BIVA with either a radically modified or a kit car, then you will see why this will affect you. Basically, building to BIVA is the legal way to have a radical home built car, and the government provided us with that opportunity. However, what they are proposing is that any vehicle being presented for BIVA test after August this year must pass the current emmissions standards, which is Euro 6. The DFT are saying that there are plenty modern engines to chose from. To meet those standards you will need to use fuel injection, a cat, and ECUs. Many modern cars are built in such a way that you can't use the engine and ECU in a different type of car, and many if not most are designed to be front wheel drive. The cost of compliance will make the projects uneconomical and perhaps beyond the average kit car builder/rodder etc. Many rods and kits take years to build as we lose interest or things get in the way, and once the chassis is done, the engine follows soon after and the car built around that. So, there will be many cars currently "in build" which WERE being built within the regs, and which will now be scrap if these proposals go ahead. The consultation ends 2nd March and will be implemented in August THIS YEAR.
WE ALL NEED TO ACT IMMEDIATELY. Reply to the consultation and lobby your own MP as well as the DFT and secretary of state for transport, Mr Jesse Norman. I've heard reports that his office is being unhelpful and that he wont be available to speak to anybody until AFTER the reply time has expired! Sounds about right doesn't it. So, follow the link to the facebook page and act immediately, even if you are not contemplating building a rod/kustom/kit car just now as you may do in the future. Many jobs rely on our hobby of modifying cars as well and those jobs will be gone.
The relevant parts of the consultation;
Light Duty emissions standards
4.4 As described at paragraph 4.6 above, a new World Harmonised Light duty test
Procedure (WLTP) has recently been introduced. This laboratory test will be used
to measure the regulated pollutants that contribute to air quality, such as
Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide, in addition to measuring fuel
4.5 We are proposing to apply the new WLTP cycle for vehicles approved via NSSTA
with effect for vehicles whose manufacture is completed on or after 1 September
4.6 We are proposing to apply the new WLTP cycle for vehicles approved via IVA
with effect for vehicles whose manufacture is completed on or after 1 July 2018.
This earlier (than NSSTA) date for IVA is to encourage manufacturers to
transition to the new cycle as soon as possible.
Multi-stage build
4.7 Where a vehicle converter is in possession of an incomplete vehicle or chassis
built prior to 1 September 2018 (or 1 July 2018 in the case of IVA) and issued by
the manufacturer with an Emissions approval and an Incomplete or Complete
Certificate of Conformity, the converter will be permitted to carry out a conversion
or addition of bodywork after that date without having to upgrade the engine to
WLTP, as this would be prohibitively expensive, as long as he maintains the
existing emissions control system in good working order.
4.8 More generally, we are proposing that where a converter modifies a massproduced
vehicle which complies with WLTP, he will in principle be required to
retain WLTP compliance by maintaining the emissions control system in good
working order. Increases in unladen weight due to additional bodywork, for
example, and modifications to the frontal area of a vehicle or changes to
aerodynamics will be permitted.
4.9 We are also proposing that where a converter changes a vehicle category, for
example a van converted to a minibus, the compliance required will be that
applicable to the base vehicle on the date of its completion and prior to the
conversion, because to require anything else would be disproportionately costly
for the SMEs involved in such conversions.
Kit cars
4.10 Kit cars and reconstructed classic cars undergoing IVA will not be required to
meet WLTP, given that at present they are not required to meet NEDC or the
latest EU standards. Instead they are tested to age-appropriate MOT standards,
on the basis of the date of manufacture or first use of the engine.
4.11 We are proposing that for kit cars, compliance with the MOT emissions standards
current at the date of registration will be required, despite the use of an older
engine. In other words the current relaxation for emissions according to the age
of the engine will no longer apply.
4.12 Reconstructed (restored) classic cars undergoing IVA will not be required to meet
the latest MOT standards, as long as the appearance of the vehicle is broadly
unchanged and the engine is of the same capacity as that supplied with the
vehicle when it was new.
4.13 When new vehicles were first required to be fitted with catalytic converters
around 1992 (Euro 1 emissions standard), kit car makers typically used older
engines which were not fitted with catalytic converters, hence the justification for
age-appropriate testing of emissions based on date of engine manufacture or
first use. The majority of the fleet is now vehicles up to 25 years old whose
engines are fitted with catalytic converters, providing plenty of choice to the kit
car builder.
The link to the consultation:…/road-vehicles-improving-air-quality-an…
The link to the facebook page which you need to join and which will assist you in your replies.

Road vehicles: improving air quality and safety - GOV.UK
Regulations for implementing EU emissions and safety rules, including new fuel consumption testing, and supply of defeat device penalties.
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Re: Government meddling with us again

Postby Sleeper » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:49 am

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